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5 Tips for managing business through finance

All successful businesses (globally), have a strong finance function, and that differentiates the best from the others. Here are 5 quick tips to managing and building a good business, utilizing some of the best practices in financial management. Let’s understand what these clauses are, and how you could possibly negotiate the same, to make it […]

Countering Liquidation Preference

It is fairly common for investors to ask for Liquidation Preference rights. However, as an entrepreneur, you need to be very careful about these and negotiate them well, keeping long term implications in mind. Let’s understand what these clauses are, and how you could possibly negotiate the same, to make it a win-win proposition. Liquidation […]

7 Keys to Successful Fund Raising

You may need financing for seed capital or to expand your business into new markets.Whatever your reason maybe to raise funds, you have got to do it right.Apart from the obvious monetary benefits, raising funds have many other advantages that prove valuable to your organization. It not only brings in cash but also creates huge […]

Undertaking Mergers and Acquisitions

Undertaking mergers and acquisitions have become an integral part of boardroom business strategy, for many companies. Entrepreneurs are taking a pragmatic view of market challenges, business growth, operating costs, access to resources and thereby including M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) as part of their business plan to achieve the desired goals. Below are some of the […]

Key Steps to buying out a business

If you are planning to acquire a business, below are the broad steps that will guide you through the process: Preliminary Mapping and creating a ShortlistYou should run a detailed process to map, identify and shortlist your acquisition targets, basis your business strategy. Due DiligenceNormally, this will be done in two phases. One will be […]

How to undertake detailed Product Costing

A Product pricing decision can either make or break your business, as the consumer demand is considerably affected by the price of the product. Businesses strive to achieve an equilibrium price where demand meets supply. However, this optimum price can only be achieved once the business managers have covered all the aspects of the costing […]

Role of virtual CFO in an SME

A Virtual CFO, by increasing their financial control and visibility, enables business owners in informed decision making process. The roles and responsibilities of a Virtual CFO are similar to that of any Full-time CFO of a large corporation. A good virtual CFO helps business owners/leaders bridge the gap between finance, operations, and strategy that allows […]

5 Golden Rules for CEO’s and CFO’s when raising funds.

CEO’s and CFO’s primary role is to run the business and find future growth avenues. But businesses, over time, need funding for a plethora of reasons. So next time you are in the market looking to raise funds from external sources, follow these 5 rules that will help you secure your funds faster, so that […]

Cost Management – The key to sustainable growth

Over the last year or so, there has been a heightened debate within the business communities and events around terms such as “sustainable growth” and “cash burn”. These terms are closely associated with the modus operandi of new businesses or start-ups. In essence, what these terms mean is that start-ups are running businesses with negative […]

Why Indian’s can’t let go their love for cash?

At a time when start-ups or new age tech companies around the world were brimming with practical solutions to real-life problems and the leaders of the major economies were still looking at ways to combat the menace of cash in their respective economies, the Prime Minister (PM) of India launched a direct and scathing attack […]