There is a famous saying: “When the going gets tough, only the tough get going”. When companies go through tough situations, cashflow crisis, major losses, shutdowns, etc., they need seasoned professionals to handle these delicate situations, as strategic partners. SuperCFO has a core team of CFO’s, with expertise in handling turnaround requirements. SuperCFO adopts a 3 point strategy in assisting companies with complete turnaround.


Detailed analysis is undertaken to understand root cause of the problem, identify critical areas to handle, evaluate sensitivity of various crisis matters, review financials and contracts to safeguard assets and business on hand, etc..

Short Term & Long Term Plans:

Strategic action plans are built to blow out all major fires, undertake negotiations with bankers, lenders, and other stakeholders to get their approval of business strategy adopted. Separately day-to-day business strategy is adopted to ensure smooth execution of all critical ongoing functions, including tight monitoring of cashflows, new business conversion and costs.

Stabilize and Grow:

Post crisis management, we assist in stabilizing the business, building strengths and implementing growth strategy. Turnaround Management is not an easy task and requires a lot of senior talent involvement for strategizing the right action plan. All our engagements are headed by a qualified Senior CFO Partner supported with an experienced team, as required. We also assist client companies with raising funds, leveraging on our bank as well as investor contacts, since many a times this is the most important business requirement. Below is an indicative list of some of our services that we combine and offer when undertaking Turnaround Management Services:

  • Budgeting & Forecasting, with sensitivity analysis
  • Cashflow and Cost Management
  • Financial Analytics, Board and Management Reporting.
  • Internal Due Diligence.
  • Fund Raising.
  • Contract Negotiations.