Undertaking a major fundraising transaction or an M&A event or planning for an exit, are very important transactions and need to be handled carefully. At SuperCFO, we leverage on the collective knowledge of our team on all important transactions, as well as supplement your existing finance department, to assist you in undertaking various tasks smoothly. Our CFO’s have helped many companies; public as well as private, to undertake PE / VC funding, IPO, M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions), Strategic Exit, Restructuring, etc.

Transaction Support include :

IPO Support

If you don’t have a CFO or if you have one but the CFO does not have relevant IPO experience; we at SuperCFO step in and act as your Interim CFO to assist you with the entire IPO process. Thereafter, upon completion of the IPO, we assist you in setting up necessary systems and processes to be able to undertake Public Company compliances. And then gradually transition various functions to a full time CFO (existing or new). We must mention that SuperCFO commands exceptional experience in assisting companies in listing on AIM (Alternate Investment Market) of LSE (London Stock Exchange) which is a leading Stock Exchange for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s).

M & A Support

It is tempting to undertake mergers and acquisitions for inorganic growth and strategic reasons, but one must evaluate all aspects of the target company before finalizing a particular transaction. Moreover, post transaction, a lot of care and planning needs to be undertaken for appropriate integration and to convert theoretical benefits contemplated to practical gains. At SuperCFO, our CFO’s have executed many M&A transactions, both on the buy-side as well as on the sell-side. We assist companies, in executing their M&A strategy with maximum possible benefits while keeping any transaction risk to the minimum.

Due Diligence

These words “Due Diligence” come with an impression of lot of work, stress and sleepless nights. The due diligence process however becomes a good health-check exercise if it is planned and executed properly. Whether someone is conducting a due diligence on you and for the same you need assistance with getting your data room in place OR whether you are planning to undertake due diligence on some other company and want to undertake detailed business and finance diligence, SuperCFO makes perfect strategic partner for your requirements.