If you don’t have a CFO or if you have one but the CFO does not have relevant IPO experience; we at SuperCFO step in and act as your Interim CFO to assist you with the entire IPO process. Thereafter, upon completion of the IPO, we assist you in setting up necessary systems and processes to be able to undertake good quality financial reporting and analysis, to assist you with investor relations. Further, we could assist you with recruiting the right finance team.

Following is a brief list of various services that SuperCFO provides in assisting companies with their IPO strategy:

Identifying the right deal advisors:

An IPO requires you to work with many deal advisors: Investment Bankers, Lawyers, Auditors, Tax Experts, Financial Diligence Accountants, Banks, Registrars, Co-Brokers, etc.) and having the right one by your side makes a lot of difference to the success of your IPO. We assist you in selecting the right advisor, based on your company size, industry, funding requirement and business dynamics.


We actively assist you in negotiating the best commercials, and deal terms with various deal advisors.

Setting up data room for due diligence:

IPO due diligence is very detailed and needs to be undertaken in a time bound manner to achieve various agreed milestones as per deal timetable. We assist you in setting up a data room by collating information from all your departments and then sorting & analyzing them before commencing diligence exercise.

Building detailed Financial Forecast Model:

Investors, Bankers and Advisors would like to see a detailed financial forecast model built with sensitivity analysis. We understand the process and help building the same in line with the requirements.

Coordinating with various deal advisors:

There is a lot of coordination to be done on a daily basis, with various advisors, when in transaction mode. One needs to ensure that all requirements are satisfied in a time-bound manner for a successful closure of the transaction. Effective project coordination is extremely vital.

Review of Infomemo and other documents:

We assist you in reviewing various deal documents, from management’s perspective.

Investor presentations:

Having a good crisp investor presentation adds to the impact and increases your chances of getting investments. We assist you in building one.

Investor roadshows:

How to make presentations while on a roadshow, handling tricky questions, preferred etiquettes, suggested actions/reactions to investor queries are all the areas we work with the management team in guiding them appropriately for a successful Investor Road-Show.

Reporting and Compliances:

Post IPO, we assist you in setting up the right systems and practices to enable the company to report on time and undertake all compliances. We also assist you in professionally handling BOD meetings and Investor analyst calls.