Cashflow Management

Cash is the blood life of a business, that ensures smooth and uninterrupted business operation.

Often businesses go through challenges, which could be a function of growth or business dynamics or even as a result of difficult conditions. When faced with challenges, what is very important is that there is smart management of receivables and payables, to bring in an element of predictability and find ways to generate better cashflows. Good cashflow management requires the following:

  • Building detailed cashflow forecast – ideally 12 months, annual; with atleast a 13 weeks rolling cashflow
  • Review all overdue receivables and accelerate collections
  • Evaluate all trade payables terms, and identify areas where negotiation is required
  • Explore opportunities to discount receivables and improve cashflows
  • Review and analyse inventory ageing and stock turns
  • Assess all kinds of investing and financing activities
  • Review all key banking lines
  • Undertake sensitivity analysis to devise strategies to improve cashflows

Working Capital Management

Someone rightly said: “Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is reality”. Globally, companies with efficient working capital management are quite successful.

As a part of our offering, we assist companies in organizing & setting up necessary systems and processes to improve working capital management. Here’s a list of activities we perform:

  • Review of working capital management function and setting up necessary team roles and tasks
  • Analyzing receivables and payables cycles and setting benchmarks.
  • Establishing escalation process.
  • Building detailed cash flow forecast and monitoring mechanism.
  • Identifying areas to improve cash flow cycles.
  • Assisting in setting up working capital lines with banks.
  • Negotiating better payment and collection terms.