A CFO stands for Chief Financial Officer. The role of a CFO is quite wide (read: Role of a CFO). In simple terms, a CFO is the overall head of finance and accounting function. Typically, a CFO is the second most senior executive in a Company, after the CEO. In some Companies, CEO and CFO both report into the Board, wherein CFO is equal in seniority and has the authority to even question the CEO when it comes to matters pertaining to finance, compliances, controls and authorisation matrix.

A CFO is no longer confined to the finance and accounts function. Today’s CFO is increasingly becoming the face of the company, be it while driving commercial discussions with Clients and Vendors or raising funds from Banks and Investors. Many CFO’s hold additional responsibilities for functions like Human Resources (HR), Information Technology (IT), and Logistics. This is in addition to functions that are an extension to the Finance and Accounting function, like Legal, Secretarial, Compliances, IPO, Mergers and Acquisitions.

Every Company needs a CFO, be it small or large. Just that if you are small, you need a Virtual CFO (also known as Part time CFO), who helps you for a few hours in a week, while if you are a large Company, you need a full time CFO. Check out this short video: https://youtu.be/MO0jlnjMldg

Pricing for our services depends on the nature of service availed, and the seniority of resources engaged.  Let us know of your requirements and we will quickly provide you with an indicative fee quote.

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