It is tempting to undertake mergers and acquisitions for inorganic growth and strategic reasons, but one must evaluate all aspects of the target company before finalizing a particular transaction. Moreover, post transaction, a lot of care and planning needs to be undertaken for appropriate integration and to convert theoretical benefits contemplated to practical gains. At SuperCFO, our CFO’s have executed many M&A transactions, both on the buy-side as well as on the sell-side. We assist companies, in executing their M&A strategy with maximum possible benefits while keeping any transaction risk to the minimum.

Some of the key areas we assist you with are:

Evaluating the right target:

Undertaking detailed diligence, reviewing findings from legal and technical diligence and then advising the company on benefits and risks of acquiring a particular target.

Strategizing deal terms:

It is not just the deal value but also the deal terms that help decide if the deal is good or bad. We work by your side and assist you in taking the right decision. We do not base our fees on the deal closure and hence are not motivated to push you into any deal without satisfying ourselves completely on deal economics.

Deal Structuring:

Whether to undertake an equity purchase or an asset purchase transaction is always the most difficult question. This can be answered based on key diligence findings and risk appetite. We assist you with evaluating these options, considering various regulatory implications.

Planning the transaction process:

Without a good time table, M&A deals could take forever to close. We help you in coordinating with various deal advisors in agreeing on a timetable and delivering as per the same.

Due Diligence:

Whether someone is conducting a due diligence on your organization and you need assistance with getting your data room in place or whether you are planning to undertake due diligence on some other company and want a detailed business and finance diligence, SuperCFO makes the perfect strategic partner for your requirements.

Integration Strategy:

Planning and implementing a good post-transaction integration strategy is vital to the success of an M&A transaction. We assist companies right from the planning stage to implementing various systems, processes, reporting and other controls for effective integration strategy.