SuperCFO provides assistance to entrepreneurs and growth companies that are looking at accomplishing various accounting requirements, with quick turnaround, at competitive costs. Some of the key accounting services that we provide are:

Accounting Health-check

The purpose of this assessment is to check key accounting & reporting areas and give recommendations from a CFO’s perspective to strengthen your finance & accounting function. Our CFO’s use a proprietary comprehensive checklist and undertake detailed interaction with you, your accounting team, your auditors, your tax consultants and basis that we provide you with an executive summary of findings and areas to strengthen to take your company to the next level. Post the health-check, based on specific requirements, we even assist companies with drawing various policies & implementation of various suggestions

Accounting Policies & Procedures

Strong accounting policies and procedures are widely recognized as the most important requirement for sound internal controls for a business. We help our clients formulate & implement finance & accounting policies and procedures to improve internal controls, reporting and general management of the company.

Internal Controls

Implementing finance & accounting internal controls for a business is not an easy task. We not only advise growth companies with practical & important controls required, but also assist them with setting-up & implementing these. We closely work with the company in customizing various controls, based on size and stage of the company, to ensure its effectiveness keeping in mind various constraints the company may have.