These words “Due Diligence” come with an impression of lot of work, stress and sleepless nights. The due diligence process however becomes a good health-check exercise if it is planned and executed properly. Whether someone is conducting a due diligence on you and for the same you need assistance with getting your data room in place OR whether you are planning to undertake due diligence on some other company and want to undertake detailed business and finance diligence, SuperCFO makes perfect strategic partner for your requirements.

We provide business diligence & assessment services ranging from concise executive overviews, to a detailed comprehensive report.

Our expertise includes the following

Operational & Financial Analysis

It’s one thing to report revenues and the bottom line, and variances against prior periods; it’s quite another to determine what’s driving the trends, and what can be done to influence the situation going forward. When we undertake Due Diligence exercise, we consider not only operational metrics, but also look at “what if” sensitivity scenario analysis and help you build smart MIS reports.

Business Performance Indicators:

In any growing business, one could easily get buried under tons of data. But what is important is to analyze the business thoroughly and identify key business performance indicators that the senior management team should monitor on regular basis. We undertake detailed financial and business diligence to identify the right mix of operating and financial metrics that the company should monitor. Post identification, we build intelligent dashboards, aided with graphs and charts, to provide a robust monitoring tool to the management team.

Product Line / Client Profitability:

Too often, with a lot of common costs, companies do not undertake specific product line/ client profitability and as result of which sometimes they end up incurring mores costs and losses on an already loss making business, while ignoring a highly profitable client/product. SuperCFO assists companies in setting up appropriate systems & processes to capture true costings as well helps in designing management reports to view product/client profitability on an ongoing basis. While undertaking this exercise, we also challenge conventional methods of cost allocation to arrive at true profitability of the product/client. Identifying true product/client profitability helps the company to strategize its business initiatives appropriately, as well as it helps the company in taking appropriate decisions with regards to M&A opportunity.